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Welcome to Mindful Living!

Hey! I'm Katerina, but most call me Kat. I'm a Milwaukee native and always looking for something new to checkout, whether that be in the area or far out of state. Living mindfully has been something I have strived for since as long as I can remember. As I grew up, self love was finally talked about more and I realized that I needed to prioritize myself, put my physical and mental health first, and live with more balance. I wish I could own the words, “moderation.” It’s something I preach and try to embody in my day to day. Moderation. Balance. Mindful living. In my eyes, this is the key to a so many daily stressors and just feeling happier! And trust me, I’m nowhere near perfect with this! But, by trying to live more mindfully, I get a step closer to it. That's what counts.

In my mind, I look at this website as a hub to write and talk about everything and anything. There is no real “niche” or type of blog here – Mindful Living is everything that brings me happiness, inspiration or emotion, that I hope at least one of you can enjoy and relate to in some way. My biggest goal is that one of you will be able to connect to something I have written and shared, and take steps to bringing out that creative and passionate side of yourself. Navigate this site to find anything that feeds your mind and inspiration such as; helpful tips and tricks, some of my obsessions like fashion, home decor or cooking, and of course a big focus on this blog - TRAVEL!

Follow me on my personal Instagram, @katerinaharos, for inspiration and updates about the blog!


Also, this website is home to, Mindful Photography, and will display my photography portfolio in every post. All the photos you see were taken by me unless stated otherwise. Message me if you are interested in scheduling a shoot, collaborating, or are interested in my skills. I have personal and professional experience in photography with couples, food, fashion/ beauty, product/small business photography, seniors and engagements. Checkout my photography Instagram, which is a branch off of Mindful Living, @mindful.photography_, for more photos of my experience.

I hope you enjoy reading everything I add to Mindful Living as much as I enjoy writing it. Thank you!