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A Foodies Guide To Boston

Hi friends!

When I say Boston is one of my favorite food scene cities I genuinely mean it! Some of my favorite dishes ever have been consumed in Boston. I’ve compiled a list of must stop at Boston eats so you don’t have to waste time or money on your next trip.


Clam Chowder & lobster rolls at Quincy Market

A Boston must try! You have to grab a cup of clam chowder inside the Quincy Market at Boston Chowda Co. There are multiple seafood walk up restaurants while inside, and honestly, all of the samples from each tasted amazing but we found ourselves coming back to Boston Chowda Co. multiple times. Grab a cup and taste a Boston favorite. Their lobster rolls are super yummy too!

Union Oyster House

Another Boston must try is oysters! The Union Oyster House is known for their oysters and lobster rolls so if you haven’t tried any of this type of food, this is the place to try it. We were recommended by many locals to go to the Union Oyster House. After you stop at Quincy Market you can easily head across the street to the Union Oyster house. It’s where I had one of the best Lobster Rolls, and my first time ever trying oysters! 

Quincy Market

Union Oyster House


Regina Pizza 

Another super popular spot in Boston! Regina Pizza is located in multiple areas in Boston, but Tim and I’s favorite was in the North End, at the original restaurant. Their style is large, thin slice. The sauce is amazing and to make each slice even better, ask them to make yours “crispy.” That way they’ll keep it cooking longer and it comes out with the perfect charred crust! We loved this spot so much that we gotten it multiple times on every trip!

+ Dave Portnoy rated Regina’s Pizza a 9.2/10 so…yeah it’s amazing

Quick Bites/Bakery

Tatte Bakery & Cafe

The BEST. Every food place I have been listing I would say is a must lol. And, Tatte Bakery is definitely one of them. It is hands down one of my favorite, must eat at spots in Boston, and the best bakery I’ve ever been to. Tatte Bakery has established locations all over Boston (literally, they have 17 locations in MA) and they make fresh, baked goods and quality, light lunches. Their menu has everything from breakfast bowls, sandwiches, salads, paninis, and then there’s the baked goods! The biscuits are to die for, the chocolate croissants, morning buns, scones – just everything is amazing. One of our favorite sit down dishes to get is the Shakusha with fresh bread.

Location: Multiple all around Boston.


Gourmet Dumpling House

If you’re a dumpling fan like me, you’re probably always searching for the best dumpling spots in a new city. Gourmet Dumpling House was a great spot in Boston’s China Town. Tim and I also loved their egg fried rice as well!

Gourmet China House

Everything here came out so fast and amazing. I recommend the soup dumplings of course. We also loved the pan fried dumplings, and sesame chicken. We were also so shocked by the fried rice, it was so yummy. 

Little Italy/North End


One of the best Italian restaurants I’ve been to. This is Tim and I’s favorite Italian restaurant in the North End. This was also surprisingly the first restaurant we went to in Little Italy on our first trip to Boston and at this point we had never experienced authentic, homemade, quality pasta like this before. We fell in love.

Carmelina’s is super popular and books up fast! Well, every restaurant in Little Italy books fast, so you have to make reservations. We made the mistake of not booking a reservation ahead of time and were stuck with a 9pm spot. So, learn from us and call days in advance to reserve a table. Normally this restaurant books out weeks to a month in advance.


On our second trip to Boston we wanted to try a new Italian restaurant and we didn’t end up having a reservation at the time. So we of course couldn’t get into any of the main restaurants in the North End so we ended up walking down the block a bit and stumbled upon Lucias. The menu looked like it had more classic Italian dishes and they were able to seat us right away so we tried it out. Well, best decision ever because it did not disappoint. To start, the caesar salad was so tasty! With crunchy croutons, creamy dressing and fresh parm, we loved it. But for the best part, the penne pasta with creamy vodka sauce. Amazing! We decided to share, which was a great move since their servings are fairly large. The pasta was so creamy and flavorful. 


We enjoyed this Italian restaurant on our 3rd trip to Boston. We loved it here! The ravioli and homemade gnocchi was to die for, they literally brought the ravioli out on the stovetop pan it was cooked in which I’ve never experienced before. I’m a huge Cacio E Pepe fan so I ordered that dish but it wasn’t my favorite since it was a more subtle flavor, I normally like a stronger peppery cacio e pepe so just keep that in mind if you order that dish.


On our 3rd trip to Boston we tried out Bricco. We were happy with almost all our dishes but what specifically stood out the most was the homemade gnocchi. It was amazing. I’m talking melt in your mouth gnocchi. 


Head to La Pizza La Pasta in Eataly. Yes, Eataly is a chain in big cities but we experienced the cecio e pepe here and fell in love with the dish ever since. Pictured below, the pasta is creamy, peppery and so flavorful. We also love their neapolitan style pizza, the sauce is amazing.

Sweets In Little Italy

Modern Pastry and Mikes Pastry 

Head to Mikes Pastry’s or Modern Pastry’s for homemade cannoli’s and all your bakery dreams! Some people have strong preferences on which one is better but I personally loved them both. The deciding factor for me is whichever has shorter line!

Note: As I mentioned, the lines to these bakery’s are always, without fail, out the door for half a block or more. Get in line as soon as you can and don’t lose your spot. 

Cash only! (ATM located on the street)

To read my full Boston Guide and the best way to spend your time in Boston checkout my blog, “A Guide To Boston.”

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