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Party Decor Ideas

As you may have heard in my last post, I had a small party to celebrate my recent graduation from college. This party was socially distance friendly, loaded with hand sanitizer and with enough space for everyone to feel safe and distant. With that being said, if you have a small get together you’re considering throwing either this year or next year – then this is the spot for you! Whether you’re throwing a grad party, birthday party, Halloween party or girls night, these ideas can be replicated and customized for any event of yours. 

With my party, I knew right away the vibe and look that I wanted for it. I wanted to make the setup of this graduation party really cute and had a few ideas pop into mind – boozy drink dispenser, balloon tower, and great food. 

With that being said, we catered our favorite Greek food (Prime Minister Restaurant & Catering), I spent about 2 hours making a massive balloon tower, and lastly, I made a super yummy spiked blackberry lemonade mixer in a large drink dispenser.

Here are a few of these ideas explained, as well as some additional ones for you to consider at your next get together!


  • Balloon Tower: This was a huge hit at the party! We set up the balloon tower around a wooden fence we had in our backyard. The balloon tower was really easy to make, especially if you purchased the kit that I did, as well as a machine pump to fill up the balloons fast. I will have both of these linked here and here for you. Hanging up the tower was a bit tricky, so make sure you have some string and an extra person to help out. Also, these balloon towers can be made in tons of different colors and be formed into an arch, small cluster, etc. Overall, for my first time ever making one of these things I was pretty happy with it! Note: I tied the balloon tower the morning of the party and due to the sun and heat we had a bunch of balloons pop! If your party is outside, make sure to keep this in mind and try to set up the tower just a few hours before guests arrive. 
  • Photo Booth: We did this for a few past parties (my moms idea actually!) and it is always used and looks very cute! We set up the photo booth where the balloon tower was strung up, with our wooden fence as the background. We set up a little chalk sign with, “Photo Booth” written on it, as well as a small table with some cute and cheesy props to use in the photos. Props linked here. Tip: Make sure your photo booth is placed in an area where the best lighting comes through and away from tables and chairs so you don’t have them in your photos.

Shop these party items!

Shop this look!

  • Drink Dispenser: This was the biggest hit at the party by far! I can’t even say it enough, this was the best idea. People love a mixed, fruity drink at a party and its so beautiful in a large drink dispenser. To read more about this and the recipe I did, checkout my blog post, “Spiked Blackberry Lemonade.”
  • Mason Jar Centerpieces: I absolutely love using mason jars as decor pieces. I also am obsessed with baby’s breath. When you put the two together you get such a beautiful centerpiece for tables or really any spot around the party. They are light, airy, welcoming, and delicate.
  • Chalkboard Signs: I don’t even have all of my chalk signs pictured here because there were so many! Chalk is such a cute way to display information to guests. For example, you can share the menu of the night, what kind of apps there are, what’s in your drink dispenser, and so much more! Head to the Dollar Store for cheap, chalk place card signs that you can place next to apps, etc. The ideas for this are endless! Pinterest also has a lot of great ideas to help you start this as well. 

Let me know if you tried out any of these ideas. I would love to see your set up at your next get together!

– Kat

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