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Spiked Blackberry Lemonade

Hey friends!

I want to share this super simple and quick party drink idea! This past weekend I had a small graduation party to celebrate my recent graduation from college with close family and a few friends. I knew right away that I wanted the set up of this party being really cute and had a few ideas pop into mind, one of them being a boozy drink dispenser.

So, I decided to go with some of my favorite flavors that aren’t the most common or typical – blackberry. After researching a few concoctions, I decided to make a super yummy spiked blackberry lemonade mixer. The mason jar drink dispenser was a must for this idea because these huge dispensers are so cute and fun for a party, and look beautiful when filled with fresh fruit.

This drink was hands down the biggest hit at the party – other than the Greek food we catered of course! It was the perfect amount of sweet from the lemonade and fresh from the fruit I tossed in. I saw a similar recipe like this from blogger, “Souffle Bombay,” but two of my local grocery stores didn’t have the ingredients she used, so I had to make up my own!

Lets Get Started



  1. Save a cup of blackberry’s and 2 lemons cut in wedges to be place on the side of your drink dispenser with toothpicks skewered through a few of them. This way people can add them to their drink if they would like. I also placed all of the rosemary and mint on the side as well so people could pick which herb flavor they preferred to place in their drink.
  2. Place the rest of the blackberry’s, raspberry’s and slices from the last 2 lemons into the bottom of the dispenser. Tip: Feel free to mash a few of the fresh fruits at the bottom of the dispenser. This will help get them more diffused into the drink.
  3. Add the entire bottle of vodka.
  4. Pour in 1 1/2 bottles of Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
  5. Add the entire bottle of Florida’s Natural Lemonade w/ Blackberry juice.
  6. Pour half of the bottle of plain lemonade into the dispenser.
  7. Mix the drink together using a large ladle. You want to make sure the fresh fruits float to the top of the dispenser so none stay near the dispenser opening and clog it.


This drink is fresh and light with an addicting sweetness to it. Feel free to pour a bit more Canada Dry or Lemonade to balance out the flavors how you like. This is completely customizable!

Let me know how you guys liked this drink and feel free to send me photos of your mix if you give it a try!

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– Kat

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