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DIY Amber Bathroom Bottles

Hey everyone!

I just recently moved into my new apartment with one of my best friends, so I’ve been on the hunt for cute home decor items. As you can see from this website and my photos, I have a love for the aesthetics and I personally love home decor (apartment photos coming soon). I also love DIY projects. The fact that we buy products in store for a ton of $$$ when we can do it ourselves for a fraction of the cost baffles me. I am normally trying to make a DIY project out of anything.

As I hunted for furniture and decor for my new apartment, I realized I had forgotten the bathroom! I needed a soap bottle. Yes – as small and dumb as it sounds – I was stressing over a freaking soap bottle. I looked through Pinterest and saw some of the same old style bottles I normally see – which I liked, but didn’t love. Near the end of my search it was looking like I would just have to run to TJ Maxx and pick one up – but then, I stumbled upon a few photos of Amber glass bottles. They were beautiful. Gorgeous. Minimalist and so aesthetically pleasing.

I want to give a huge shoutout to blogger, The Pastiche for bringing such a cool idea to these bottles. If it wasn’t for her photo on Pinterest that I fell upon, I wouldn’t have been able to do such a fun project as well as spruce up my bathroom. She came up with the idea of pouring her plastic, not-so-cute, shampoo and conditioner bottles into these beautiful, inexpensive, amber bottles. By doing so, she completely changed the vibe and aesthetic of her bathroom. She then finished off the bottles with a black and white label for each, so you know which is which. The labels add such a cute, minimalist feel to the look. These bottles she created are beautiful and the idea absolutely genius, so I had to recreate them for myself.

I promise you all that this is a relatively inexpensive project and super simple.

What you will need:

*Note that the Amazon 32oz bottles do not come with pumps. I am searching for compatible pumps for them and will update this post once I find them. For now I simply pour out my body wash and conditioner from the twist off cap.

Shop these items!

I chose to go with two 16oz bottles, one for hand soap and one for shampoo (since I don’t use much shampoo), and then two 32oz bottles, one for body wash since I always have a ton on hand, and one for conditioner, since I use a TON on my thick and curly hair. (My curly haired people out there FEEL THIS.)


  1. Some people may prefer to wash the amber glass bottles first, so do that right away and give them enough time to dry if you choose to.
  2. I decided to make my labels first. Go ahead and print out your labels on your label machine. Remember these bottles can be used for anything; shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand soap, lotion, even face wash. You can purchase the spray bottle nozzle attachments too and use them for cleaning products or linen sprays, etc. The possibilities are endless!
  3. Fill up your bottles with the products you choose.
  4. Paste your label onto the bottle. If you want your labels to be extra secure, you can super glue them to the bottle. I didn’t do that on mine and so far, after a few weeks of having these bottles, I haven’t had any lift from the label yet. They are in the shower with water and steam on them and so far they have stuck pretty well.
  5. Done!

These bottles are so stylish and give a really minimalist feel to any room. I find it hard to make a laundry room or bathroom look cute, but with little DIY’s like this, it instantly brings a room together.

I hope you guys enjoyed this fun project! Let me know if you tried out this DIY. I would love to hear how it went for you and feel free to share pics!


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