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Not Just All The Single Ladies

Alright ladies and gents, it’s the day. The all dreaded Valentine’s Day in some of our eyes. The day that some get glued in our heads is just for people in mushy gushy relationships, with an over abundance of love, and then way off in the distance….there’s you. Single, no boyfriend or girlfriend, and you’re stuck in the middle of this red and pink themed, diamond necklaced, and heart shaped chocolates day.

Well, for some of us we look at this day with two things; hate or envy. Or maybe a bit of both. Some of us simply want all the romantic music and late night candle lit dinners to stop. You’re furious with seeing it, you’re frustrated, annoyed – I get it, I’ve felt the same way. And then others look at this with pure need. They want what they’re looking at so badly, and feel like the key to their problems would be a boyfriend or girlfriend. It’s sad. Again, I’ve been there people. We’re here trying to get this love that everyone’s so obsessed with, or for some, get away from it, that we’re literally ending up blind to the real meaning of Valentine’s Day.

A lot of us are ungrateful. We are. We’re using our vision to look straight ahead of us, at these couples celebrating their love, when really, we need to stop being so fixed on whats in front of us and instead look at who’s NEXT to us. You’ll be surprised to see you have family and friends who love you. And news flash, THAT’S what Valentine’s Day is about. LOVE. That’s it.

Not just couples and their specific mushy gushy love, but love in general. Your best friend who has had your back through think and thin, or your mom who has been your constant support and rock through every aspect in your life, or you older brother, who has watched over you without question. These people love you, and you love them. That’s Valentine’s Day. Express that love to people. SHOW them how much you love them and appreciate them. Don’t just stand around watching, pissed and envious, at these really cute couples (not going to lie) – instead look at who’s next to you. Show them you care.

We get so used to these people, family and friends, that we become kind of ungrateful. We see these couples out on Valentine’s Day and focus on them while forgetting the people who have always been there for us.

The most important thing, though, that we all have to remember this time of year, is to love ourselves. This one can slip our minds not just on this day but almost everyday. We tend to forget how important we are and that we can’t really give love to others if we don’t give it to ourselves first. Have respect for yourself to look in the mirror and say how much you appreciate YOU. Just you, in your simplest form. Love that part of yourself, because that’s the truest part. Start noticing all the big and little things that you love about yourself and that make you unique, today especially, and bring them to light. Love yourself and express it on this day.

Valentine’s Day means a lot more than you think, so instead of using this day to scarf down ice cream straight out of the carton alone and upset that you have no one taking you on a romantic dinner, instead, grab those people you love so much who have been there for you, and eat that ice cream together. Love each other and tell people how much you appreciate them. More importantly though, make sure to tell yourself first.

Spread love. To everyone. That’s Valentine’s Day.

Plus – a huge excuse to eat a disgracefully large amount of chocolate.


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