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7 Ways to Actually Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

We know we all say it, that this year's going to be different, this year you're actually going to make a change. But then life throws us stress and a hectic schedule, and those new year's resolutions end up getting tossed aside.

Well, this year we're actually going to stick to our word. Here, are the 7 ways to help you actually stick to your new year's resolutions not just for 2017, but for good.

1. MAKE SURE YOUR GOALS ARE REALISTIC First, make sure your goals are realistic and achievable. If your resolution is to change from a person who has never ran a lap to becoming a full on marathon runner in just a month, maybe try to alter your goals and make them a little simpler for you to handle. There's a reason they say slow and steady wins the race. Make sure your goals are something you can accomplish if you work hard enough, but not something that's going to put you under a ton of stress if you just aren't mastering it as soon as you wanted to. If you want to start fighting less with your boyfriend, try to take small steps like talking through your issues together each small argument you have. Don't expect a perfect solution the first time around. If you want to stop procrastinating on your work, try setting specific times during the day that you start your assignments you need to get done, and stick to that time. Don't expect though, to suddenly become incredibly motivated every day to get your work done just because your resolution said so. Sometimes you need to ease into thing. Instead of studying everyday for 4 hours, you may start with an hour per day and work your way up from there.

2. WRITE IT DOWN To stay on track with your goals for the new year you need to write them down and keep them posted out so you can see them. Writing down your resolutions almost forces you to stay on track with them once they're on a hard copy. Try to take a look at them each day to give you a reminder of what you're trying to reach. Whether it's to get in a 45 minute workout each morning, to wake up with a cup of lemon water each day, or even to take time after a long day to meditate for 10 minutes. Whatever it may be, write it down and keep track of it. Everyday when you wake up take a look at your list and remind yourself why you made those your resolutions. Keep them in mind throughout your day so you actually START incorporating them in your life.

3. TRY PICKING ONE RESOLUTION AT A TIME By putting your focus on accomplishing one of your goals at a time, instead of all of them at once, you can find ways to incorporate them more smoothly into your lifestyle, instead of just tossing them all in and seeing how it goes. Then you can slowly add your next few goals as your first few resolutions start to become a norm in your lifestyle.

4. WAIT FOR THE RIGHT TIMING You may notice that January can be a pretty busy month, getting back from Christmas break and the New Year's craze, as well as the new semester of school starting for most college students soon. If this is the case for you and you're feeling bombarded, don't feel the need to start exactly on January 1st with your resolutions. If the beginning of January may be too hectic for you, then hold off for a week or two to get settled in. Once you have a fresh week in front of you, start those resolutions! Don't abuse this tip though! The point of the new year is to start your resolutions IN the new year and usually at the start of it. So don't give yourself months until you feel "ready", just regroup after the holidays and then get right into your goals you so nicely wrote down.

5.GRAB A BUDDY Some resolutions you may want to keep to yourself, but sharing some with others could actually do you some good. If your goal is to workout more, then grab a friend who has the same goal as you and workout together! This can increase a ton of your motivation to continue through your workouts and also have someone to talk to and give encouragement to when the resolution gets tough.

6. MAKE THEM SPECIFIC Instead of simply making your resolution to be kinder to people, make it a little more specific and achievable, such as making someone feel better about themselves each day, or complimenting someone every few days. If you want to eat healthier, tell yourself to first start with making yourself eat breakfast every morning instead of skipping it each day. Start of with specific resolutions, until you lead up to your overall greater goal.

7. TREAT YOURSELF Yes - GIFTS. It's not a bad thing to give yourself a little gift here and there for accomplishing a goal! But just make sure you're not blowing your wallet on these little treats you give yourself, OR your resolutions. Remember these goals are in the end, resolutions to better yourself. To improve and help yourself grow as an individual. So simply telling yourself you have done a great job so far is a perfect treat for yourself. Be proud of how far you've come. And every once and awhile get yourself a new shirt, or hit up the nail salon if you achieved a pretty tough resolution, but don't go overboard!

In the end remember that your resolutions are all to help you thrive and better yourself. Stick to them and you can excel in many ways, you can change yourself from someone who envied people that do what you wish to do, and end up becoming that person - doing what you've always wanted to do. That person who wrote that book they've been wanting too for years, dropped their first 10 pounds, or went to bed each night a little earlier than before. You CAN do it.


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