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Mindful Living - Travel, Lifestyle and Mindful Photography

Katerina Haros

Brand Manager


My biggest goal is that one of you will be able to connect to something I have to share, and take steps to bringing out that creative and inspired side of yourself and hopefully - live a bit more mindfully. I’m nowhere near living a perfect, mindful lifestyle, but through this blog and my day to day, I get a step closer to it. I hope you all enjoy reading what I have to share as much as I enjoy writing it!


Naxos, Greece

Ferry door drops to the port’s cement grounds. White concrete buildings, shops, restaurants, hotels and apartments line the edge of the water in a narrow path. Blue shutters peek out from some of the buildings, as well as the faintest color of fuchsia from the bougainvillea flowers that grow along the outside walls of the shops. Sailboats cover the water that surrounds the Chora. To finish, the end of the Chora wraps itself up a stone path that leads to the top of a hill, where the marble archway of The Temple of Apollo stands tall and strong. Truly breathtaking.


DIY Wood Shelves

Well, here I am today to share with you my simple, easy, DIY Wood Shelf project. I had seen shelves like these ALL over Pinterest and was obsessed with them in kitchens. If you can’t tell, I have quite the collection of unique, plates and bowls (yes, there are more in the cabinets lol), so being able to display them out to be seen was really important to me. Shelves like these with dark, black hinges are so aesthetically pleasing in any space, and can be decorated and placed in many different ways. With moving into my new apartment, I knew I had to DIY these.


DSC02863 (2)


Spiked Blackberry Lemonade

I decided to go with some of my favorite flavors that aren’t the most common or typical – blackberry. After researching a few concoctions, I decided to make a super yummy spiked blackberry lemonade mixer. The mason jar drink dispenser was a must for this idea because these huge dispensers are so cute and fun for a party, and look beautiful when filled with fresh fruit.